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Some countries share the same language and have specifics related to that. For example:

  • Sellers who want to sell in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria or Ireland, also need a shop account in another country which will be used to create products
  • Having created the products, sellers in the same countries would push only offers through their respective Belgian / Swiss / Austrian / Irish account
  • In Belgium and Switzerland, there are 2 versions of the site - Dutch and French, and German and French respectively

Here is a table that will help you understand what you need when you want to sell cross-border in a country sharing a language:

I want to sell inI need product information in I need to create my products inI need to push my offers inI need shop accounts in
Belgium (Dutch version)DutchDutch (NL account)Belgium (BE account)Netherlands, Belgium
Belgium (French version)FrenchFrench (FR account)Belgium (BE account)France, Belgium
Switzerland (French version)FrenchFrench (FR account)Switzerland (CH account)France, Switzerland
Switzerland (German version)GermanGerman (DE account)Switzerland (CH account)Germany, Switzerland
AustriaGermanGermany (DE account)Austria (AT account)Germany, Austria
IrelandEnglishEnglish (UK account)Ireland (IE account)UK, Ireland

If you're interested in selling cross-border with vidaXL Marketplace, please read this article

If you want to sell in Norway or Switzerland, please refer to this article

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